Anime Natives was a project that started out in 1998 doing AMVs under the name of Anime Creations, some of who’s work can be found here. Soon after in 2000, it began to branch out into Voice Acting with fandubbing of various anime that were popular at the time. It also tried out a few Audio Dramas based on a manga, and in 2001 it took on the name Anime Natives! For more on us you can read our bio in the FAQs section.

The Anime Natives strive to bring High-Quality media for the fans of various Asian series and movies. This mostly includes full length fandubs, short clips, parody dubs of Anime and a few audio dramas. Most of the works we release are of unlicensed series, being they are not domestically available in English. Our specialty is and always will be the dubbing of magical girl series (Mahou Shoujo), though it has greatly expanded over the years into many different genres.

This site is a project run by Sukisho.

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